In recent years as the world has taken many unfortunate twists and turns we find ourselves in an age of uncertainty. One thing that we must all come to realise is that there is something that we can believe and trust in and that is ourselves. We need to get out of our thinking minds and start to feel. Start to look within to find ourselves and who we truly are.

I have been on a journey to find who I truly am, I’ve been searching for inner peace and to find a better understanding of myself. I knew once I found the key it could unlock an inner power that could help my grow physically, mentally and spiritually.

We as a society live and breathe social media and are driven by how we need to look and often follow trends on how we need to feel! We adopt systems and beliefs that are past down to us from our parents and grandparents and are in essence bred to follow a certain path. Often any deviation of this path can lead to negative judgment, ridicule and even resentment. Why? Fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of being out of control. Fear of being different! Unfortunately people who feel this ridicule and resentment often end up suffering with social anxiety and even depression.

Mental health is so prevalent in today’s society that it’s actually becoming the norm. We become numb to it and accept it as everyday life and this should not be the case. Almost everyone you speak to either suffers with or knows someone close to them who suffers with their mental health , and I am no exception. Nobody should have to suffer and I made it my mission to help in any way I could!

By trade I am a personal trainer so I interact with people of all ages and backgrounds and I am finding it more common to be talking to people about improving their mental health just as much as improving their physical self. This was a sign for me to broaden my knowledge on methods to help. I am always learning and take a keen interest and all manners of alternative methods and one that frequently popped up was the power of breathing. This is where my journey really began.

I started practicing different breathing methods on a daily basis and was quickly hooked. One thing I realised is that you can never 100% master something like this as each time you do it is a lesson learned. Harnessing the breath can have differing effects on you emotionally, sometimes you feel euphoric, other times you feel emotionally. One thing is clear though is that the power of the breath is magical and when you couple that with the power of the cold you have a marriage of two things that can change your life.

The cold shows you no remorse and makes you find yourself. The cold is the truth and can teach you so many things if you let it! I started having cold showers and doing full cold immersion daily and quickly found my whole mindset changed. This is where I knew I had to share what I had learned and so ProjectCold was created.

At ProjectCold we are a community of like minded people who want to be the best and most powerful versions of ourselves and we do this through both breath work and cold immersion. The fact you are reading this means you are almost there, your new improved self is within touching distance.

Welcome to ProjectCold

Let go.



If you do then you too will be set free!