Unplug and Unwind!

Do you lay in bed scrolling every night and wonder why you have poor sleep patterns?

Have you ever thought of having a digital detox before bed?


Well let me try and convince you why you should!

1. Fall asleep easier!

Taking the time to disconnect from your devices can help you feel less anxious. If you’re laying there looking at all these “perfect” lives on social media you’re going to start feeling anxious that your life isn’t as perfect as the ones portrayed onscreen! Be at ease when you go to get your head down for the night.

2. Blue light!

The artificial blue light emitted from our devices has the ability to keep us awake. When our natural blue light levels drop our bodies normally prepare for sleep. Not using devices before bed will allow for the proper functioning of your body’s natural circadian rhythm, meaning you’re sleepy when you’re supposed to be!

3. Uninterrupted sleep!

If your phone or any devices which receive notifications and messages are switched to sleep mode the only thing able to wake you from your sleep will be your alarm clock or your body clock!

A digital detox will allow you to have a wind-down routine before bed. Replying to messages or playing games late at night keeps your brain engaged, making it difficult to switch off and relax.
Devices can be the reason you miss out on real situations. Connect with a partner by having an actual conversation with them. Physically read a book or even meditate!

Try it!

For the next 7 nights put into place putting your devices down 60 minutes before you intend to sleep! Turn your phone and mind into sleep mode!

If you want to take up the challenge then commit yourself to it by adding “I WILL TAKE ON THE DIGITAL DETOX” in the comments!

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